How to get free PC parts

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Learning about where you can get free parts will help keep down your expenses. Finding free parts can sometimes be time consuming, but it is worth it.

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Look on the website for the Freecycle Network (see Resources). Become a member of your local group and then you can e-mail people on the list looking for the computer parts that you need. Many people have old computer parts stored at their house and are willing to give items away for free. This is also a great way to get rid of computer parts that you are not using.

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Explore Craigslist (see Resources) to find free or cheap computer parts. You can look at any local area in the country. There is a whole section devoted to free items, and another section is dedicated to computer parts.

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Go to local garage sales. Many people sell or give away computer parts. They can't use the parts and are willing to pass the item on to you at a discount. Some people will give you a batch of computer parts for a discount price or for free. Other people will give items away for free at the end of a garage sale.

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Ask people you know if they have any spare computer parts. Word of mouth can be a wonderful way to gather information about free parts. Friends and family members sometimes have old computer parts sitting around collecting dust, and they will often be more than happy to let you come and take them away.

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