Easiest Way To Stitch Together PDF Files

Siri Stafford/Digital Vision/Getty Images

If you have several PDF files that you want to use to make into a book or manual, you can use Adobe Acrobat to easily stitch together the PDF files. This means that instead of having multiple PDF files, these PDFs come together and are saved as one file. This can be particularly useful to a person who is uploading a PDF to a website or blog. Uploading a merged PDF document allows you to do only one upload and the person who wants to read the files needs to do only one download.

Click the "Adobe Acrobat" icon to open the program.

Click the "File" menu.

Choose "Create PDF" and "From Multiple Files." A new dialogue box will open.

Click "Browse" and navigate to the locations where the PDF files you want to stitch together are saved. Click "Add" each time you locate a file.

Use the "Move Up" or "Move Down" buttons to change the order of the files you chose.

Click "OK." You now have easily stitched together PDF files.

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