How to build your own field fence wire unroller

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Fencing a field or yard can be a tedious job--and it can seem nearly impossible without a helper or two. Building a field fence wire unroller will make the job easier to accomplish for one person. This field fence wire unroller will roll out field fence, hog wire, chicken wire, barbed wire and other types of wire used for fencing and farming.

Measure and cut two squares, 30 by 30 inches, out of ½-inch plywood. Glue the pieces together to make one square that is 1 inch thick. Measure and cut two 6 by 6-inch squares. Set these aside for the assembly process.

Cut a ¾-inch hole through the centre of each piece of wood using a hole saw drill attachment.

Assemble the pieces. Thread a coupling nut onto one end of the ¾-inch all-thread rod. Slip on a 6 by 6-inch square; apply wood glue to the top of that piece. Slide on the 1 inch thick 30 by 30-inch square. Apply wood glue to the remaining 6 by 6-inch square and insert it on the rod, glue side down. Use the second galvanised coupling nut to tighten the total assembly.

Hold the swivel casters upside down, on the top of the platform. Position them three inches from the edge on every side. Make a mark, for drill holes, under each bolt in the swivel caster assembly. Use the 5/16-inch drill bit to drill all holes and insert the swivel casters. Assemble them with the hardware included.

Slip the wire over the threaded rod and roll it to the fence line. Attach one end of the fencing to the fence post. Roll the wire unroller down the fence line to unroll the wire.

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