How to make a diary lock

diary and keys image by Marek Kosmal from

Your diary is a place to record your deepest thoughts and intimate feelings. You probably wish to keep those deep thoughts and intimate feelings to yourself. But if you have brothers and sisters around--particularly nosy ones -- you may find your diary's privacy difficult to protect. While many diaries come with built-in locks, they are sometimes easy to pick. Fashion your own sibling-proof diary lock with a small link chain and a padlock.

Measure your diary. Measure your diary horizontally across the front and around the back and vertically down the front and up the back. Add the horizontal and vertical measurements together and add 2.5 cm (1 inch).

Buy a link chain -- sized less than 1.2 cm (1/2 inch) per link -- in a length to fit your diary's measurements. Buy link chain by the length at a hardware or jewellery-making supplier.

Place your diary upside down. Center the chain underneath your diary in the middle.

Twist the chain around itself one half turn. Pull the loose ends up so that it forms a "plus sign" or "cross" shape.

Hold the chain while flipping the diary over. Pull the loose ends to the middle. Secure the ends of the chain with a small padlock.

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