How to stop the squeaking in leather shoes

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Nothing adds polish and professionalism to your attire like a nice, new pair of leather shoes. Sometimes leather shoes make a squeaking noise when you walk, alerting everyone to your arrival and causing you potential embarrassment. Stop the squeaking in your leather shoes by treating all possible sources of the noise with supplies found in most homes and garages. Once this is done, you can wear your leather shoes without letting everyone know when you're coming and going.

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Mix oil-based soap with warm water in a bucket. Apply the soapy solution to the uppers (the exterior portion on the top of your shoes) with a firm rubbing motion. Cleaning and conditioning the leather will help to soften it, preventing stiff leather from squeaking.

Rinse the leather uppers with a clean cloth dampened with plain water. Dry your shoe's leather with a clean, dry cloth.

Rub leather conditioner into the leather to soften and condition. Don't be afraid to rub hard. Leather softens when manipulated and is strong enough to stand up to the pressure.

Lift the innersole inside your leather shoes. Sprinkle talcum powder inside, underneath the innersoles. Replace the innersoles by laying them flat inside your shoes. The powder provides an extra cushion that prevents squeaking inside the shoes.

Spray the areas of your shoes that are providing really persistent and annoying squeaks with silicone spray.

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