How to make soy wax melts

Instead of purchasing soy wax melts or tarts, you can make your own at home by making a trip to your local craft store. Soy wax melts release fragrance once they are heated on a potpourri or tart burner. The melts come in a variety of shapes and scents and do not require a lot of time to make.

Once you make your own soy melts, you can give them away to friends and family members as gifts.

Create a double-boiler. Fill a large pot with water and sit a smaller pot on top of the water. Place the double-boiler on the hob over medium heat.

Place the soy wax flakes into the small pan on top of the double-boiler. Allow the wax melt completely. Stir the wax flakes to encourage the melting.

Add the fragrance oil once the soy wax melts. Add 29.6ml. of fragrance oil for each pound of soy wax that you use for best results. You will need to experiment with the scent in your wax melts because each scent will require a different measurement due to its strength.

Add the candle dye to the soy wax. You can use a liquid candle dye or dye blocks, but do not use crayons or food colouring. To see if you have achieved the appropriate colour, you can place a few drops of the melted wax onto white paper and allow it to dry.

Stir the wax to mix the fragrance oil and candle dye. Remove the wax from the hob once it reaches 51.7 to 57.2 degrees C.

Spray a muffin tin or candle mould with a release spray to keep the wax from sticking. Fill the muffin tins with the soy wax.

Wait for the wax to cool. Remove the soy melts from the tin. If they do not come out of the tin easily, place it in the freezer for 10 minutes.