How Do I Transfer Music From My Computer on to My iPod Touch?

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Songs can be downloaded to your iPod Touch by using the iTunes application that is saved on the iPod Touch. This allows you to add music onto your iPod Touch without needing to sync the device with a computer. As with other iPods, you can transfer music from your computer to an iPod Touch by using the iTunes software. You will also need to change one of the settings on the iPod Touch in order to safely sync the player with your computer.

Open iTunes.

Click "File" found at the top of iTunes. A menu will open.

Choose the "Add Folder to Library" option inside the menu. A window will open.

Click on the folder inside the window that has the music you wish to transfer to an iPod Touch.

Click "Open" to add the music to iTunes.

Connect the iPod Touch to your computer using the Touch's USB cord.

Click the name of the iPod Touch found underneath "Devices."

Click the "Summary" tab that is positioned near the top of iTunes.

Choose the "Manually manage music and videos" option found in the middle of iTunes by clicking the box next to that option.

Click "Apply" at the bottom of the iTunes software to save the setting on the iPod.

Click the "Music" option underneath the "Library" category on the left side of iTunes. The songs that you've transferred to iTunes will be listed in the middle of iTunes.

Choose the songs you wish to transfer onto your iPod Touch by clicking on the songs.

Drag the songs you chose to the iPod Touch listed under "Devices." Those songs will be transferred to the iPod Touch.

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