How to Get Rid of Slugs in My House Without Killing Them

slug descending 2 image by Scott Philbrook from

Slugs are a common annoyance in the garden, but less so in the home. However, given an opportunity, slugs will enter the home as well. Catching and disposing of slugs in the home without killing them can be done.

Determine the entry point of the slugs. The best way to do this is to wait until nighttime and use a flashlight to follow their slime trail.

Set out bait in the form of lettuce leaves near where they've been spotted in the house. The slugs will climb up on the leaves and these can be picked up and taken outside in the morning. Wear gloves in case you have to handle the slugs and place them in a pail for transport.

Prevent the slugs from re-entering the home by using a natural barrier; egg shells, coffee grinds, salt or copper tape. All of these will prevent the snails from coming into the house. Be aware that some slugs may die if they try to cross the barrier.

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