How to Send a Voice Mail Without the Phone Ringing

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If you want to get a voice message to someone without actually having a detailed conversation with the person or if you know the person is in a business meeting and you don't want to disrupt the meeting with a phone call, you can send a voice mail without the phone ringing. When you send such a message, the person's phone will indicate that a new voice mail is available to him.

Contact the phone service provider of the person's phone whom you want to send a voice mail to by calling their customer service number, which can be found online or by dialling 411.

Ask the representative of the phone company for the company's back-end voice mail phone number and write it down. This is the number you may dial to send voice mail messages to those who subscribe to that particular company's phone service.

Dial the phone service provider's back-end voice mail number from your phone. Listen to the prompts, as each company's voice mail service is different. Typically, you simply enter the person's phone number into the voice mail service.

Leave your message for the person you called. The voice mail greeting should come up without the phone ringing allowing you to leave the message without disturbing the person you called.

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