How to Check My Mobile Phone Number

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If you have just purchased a mobile phone and have forgotten your new number or if you are trying to reactivate an older phone, you may have to use various methods to verify and check your phone number. Depending on the type of phone you have, there may be a code you can type into the device that allows you to access your phone number. You may have to rely on the assistance of a friend to help you verify the number if the phone is activated.

Locate the phone number through the mobile phone device. For example, if you have a BlackBerry device, your phone number is listed on the menu. Other phones allow you to navigate through the menu settings and click on either "Contacts" or "Security," where you will find information about the phone, including your phone number.

Push *#100# to find out your phone number depending on your phone by importing that code. Check your owner's manual in case there is a specific code for your mobile phone.

Locate the IMEI number for your device by removing the battery and looking for a series of numbers on the base of the phone. Contact your mobile service provider and give them the IMEI number where they can access your account to tell you the current or previous mobile number attached to the phone. You can also press *#06# to find out the IMEI number if you choose not to call customer care.

Call a phone of someone you know who has a phone with caller ID who can verify your mobile number.

Visit your local cellular provider to have them verify the phone number. For example, if you're using a prepaid phone and have no minutes to call anyone, your provider may be able to look into the system to check the phone number.

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