How to Store Cream Cheese Icing

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Cream cheese icing, or frosting, is a tasty topping for cakes and other desserts. It marries the indulgent richness of cream to a sweet lip smacking tang. Because cream cheese icing contains a great deal of dairy, however, storing it carefully it is important.

Place the prepared cream cheese icing in an airtight container, such as a plastic food bowl or zip-top bag. This will help keep the icing from drying out or absorbing odours.

Refrigerate the cream cheese icing for up to three days. Do not freeze the icing, as freezing will ruin the consistency of the cream.

After refrigeration, your cream cheese icing will be stiff and difficult to manipulate. You can soften it with a whisk or electric beater. You can also add a splash of milk to loosen the consistency.

If you are storing icing that is already on a dessert, the same rules apply. Use an airtight cake container to keep the icing fresh.

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