How to Reset a Password on T-Mobile Phones

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Voicemail is something that keeps everybody in the know when they can’t answer the phone. Whether you’re travelling for work or you just stepped out of the house and forgot your phone, being able to get the messages you need is key in staying up to date with your friends and coworkers.

If you’ve forgotten the password to get into your voicemail inbox, you can reset that password with T-Mobile for free.

Turn on your phone. Wait for your phone to load its operating system completely.

Press the send button to get into the dialling feature on your phone or select the dialling feature from your main menu.

Type "#793#" in your phone.

Press the "Send" button.

Wait for your password to be sent to your in the inbox of your text messaging feature.

Call your voicemail box and select the "Reset Your Voicemail Password" feature from the menu.

Type in your new voicemail password and press the # sign.