How to Change a Swatch Battery

Your Swatch watch still looks good, but it runs slow or has stopped running altogether. Before you buy a new watch, try buying a new battery. Many chemists, business supply stores and online retailers sell the type of battery used in Swatch watches and you can easily change the battery yourself. Before you buy a new battery, however, open the watch as described below to find out what type of battery to buy.

Turn the watch over and do one of the following:

For Touch or Fun Scuba watches: Locate the small indent under the battery cover, insert a corner of the tip of the screwdriver into the indent, and then pop the battery cover off.

For Skin watches: Slide the tip of the screwdriver under the battery cover and pop the battery cover off.

For all other models: Insert the tip of a flathead screwdriver into the slot above the + sign and turn the battery cover counter-clockwise about 1/8 of the circumference of the watch.

Remove the battery and look for a three-digit number, such as 390, on the battery case.

Shop for a battery. For example, to find your battery online, search for “390 watch battery.”

Put the new battery in the watch plus (+) side up.

Replace the battery cover. Use a flathead screwdriver to screw a metal cover back into place. The plastic covers snap into place.

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