How to donate your leather furniture to the salvation army

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The Salvation Army is a faith-based organisation that provides rehabilitation services to people with the mission to treat the whole person. They help people recover from substance abuse, assist families of those affected and provide jobs for people so they may get back on their feet. The Salvation Army relies on donations to keep the organisation going. Donating your leather furniture to the Salvation Army is simple and will assist them in furthering their cause.

Determine whether you want to transport your furniture to a drop-off centre or have it picked up. In order to transport large furniture you will need help from another person and a large vehicle on which to carry it.

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Call 800-728-7825 to schedule a Salvation Army truck to come pick up your leather furniture. The Salvation Army workers will be able to carry your furniture to the truck, saving you all the hard labour.

Locate a drop-off centre on the Salvation Army website. Enter your zip code to find centres that are close to you. Use a dolly and the help of someone else to move heavy furniture to your car or truck.

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Save the donation receipt given to you by the workers at Salvation Army. Use this receipt when you file your income taxes in the event you qualify for a tax break.

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