Instructions for Putting Crystals on Havaianas

green plastic flip flops against coloured background image by Steve Johnson from

Havaianas is a popular brand of flip flops, with a variety of colours and styles. These flip flops are fairly comfortable and look good with most outfits. Havaianas are best worn during the summer, while doing errands or lounging on the beach. If you want to spice up your Havaianas, you can place crystals on the strap of the flip flop. Personalising your Havaianas can add to your unique style.

Plug in the glue gun and place a glue stick into the gun. Plug the glue gun into a surge protector to prevent electric shock. The glue will begin to heat up.

Place the flip flops on a flat surface so they stay in place. Prepare the flip flops by scrubbing the thong of the shoe with a sponge with an abrasive back. Dip a paper towel in alcohol and wipe the thong of the flip flops clean.

Apply a small drop of glue on one area of the flip flop's strap. Carefully place the crystal on the glue. Use a small drop of glue, making sure it doesn't spill over and hit the rest of the shoe. Continue gluing crystals along the straps of the shoe.

Allow the glue to dry for one hour.

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