How to remove candle wax from a brick paver

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Candles add to the ambience of any patio or outdoor area, but they can get knocked over or spilt and leave behind a mess that's hard to clean up. It's not impossible to remove spilt or hardened candle wax off your brick pavers and you can do so without damaging them or leaving a stain behind. You will find most of the supplies you need to restore your brick pavers to their original condition in your home or garage.

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Lay an old clean towel over the wax spill on your brick pavers. Use a towel or towels that can be thrown out afterward since they will soon be covered in wax.

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Plug your household iron in, using an extension cord if the wax stain is a distance from the nearest electrical socket. Set the iron the hottest setting and allow it a minute or two to heat up.

Apply the iron to the towel directly over the wax stain and continually move the iron back and forth over the stain. This will melt the hardened wax and as the wax liquefies the towel will absorb it. If the pavers have grooves or crevices in between them, push the towel down in there and hold the iron over that spot to heat up the towel.

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Lift the towel, fold it over to a clean spot and lay it back down over the remaining wax. Continue to iron over the wax, allowing the towel to absorb it. Repeat this step using clean parts of the towel or a another towel until you've melted and soaked up as much wax as possible.

Allow any remaining wax residue to harden again. Brush over the hardened wax residue on the brick pavers using your wire brush. Move the brush briskly back and forth. If any wax remains after that, spray straight white vinegar onto the residue, allow it to sit for a minute or two, then rinse it off with a hose or bucket of water.

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