How to make patchwork hippie clothes

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Patchwork is one of the quintessential trademarks of hippie clothing, right along with tie dye and flower symbols. Plus, making your own patchwork clothing is a great way to use up those old fabric scraps that are taking up so much room in the closet. It may seem incredibly difficult to make homemade patchwork clothes, but it's not as hard as it seems. With moderate sewing skills, the right materials, patience and a meticulous eye for detail, nearly anybody can make patchwork clothing of which he or she can be proud.

Cut the scraps of fabric so they are all the same width. Sew a row of scraps together, end to end, until the fabric is wide enough to sew your clothing item.

Repeat Step 1 for as many times as is necessary to achieve the desired length of fabric. Sew all the rows together to form a block of fabric.

Iron the patchwork fabric so all of the seams lay flat. Spread the patchwork fabric on a table. Acquire a sewing pattern and lay out all the paper pattern pieces on top of the fabric.

Use a pencil to mark the paper pattern pieces along the lines of the patchwork. When cutting the fabric, make sure that the lines on the pattern pieces align with the lines of the fabric.

Match up the different fabric pieces along the lines when sewing the pieces together. Hem the fabric normally.

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