How to Make Wedding Centerpieces With Branches

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For a nature-inspired wedding, the right centrepieces will really help you create a one-of-a-kind, lovely space. Consider using branches, either real or synthetic, to make unique centrepieces to adorn the tables in your reception area. These branches are considerably more affordable than other floral arrangements, and they create a very earthy, earth-friendly look.

Choose branches that will fit with your wedding design scheme. You can arrange bare branches to look like trees in the centre of your table, decorated with items to enhance your wedding theme. Or, you can choose branches with colourful flowers that match your colour scheme.

Consider painting your branches. You may choose to leave your branches looking as natural as possible, or you can add polyurethane or even paint that match your wedding colour scheme. Paints and varnishes will give your branches a more polished look.

Arrange your branches according to your desired fullness. For a sparser look, you can trim branches to make them look thinner. Or, you can cluster your branches to look fuller. Trim as needed with pruning shears.

Attach your branches to a piece of floral foam. This foam will be the base of your centrepiece. Push your branches into the piece of foam. For extra stability, add hot glue around the base to better hold your branches in place. Cover your base with paper, leaves, fabric or any other desired material to make your centrepiece look complete.

Consider arranging your branches in a glass dish. If you don't want to use floral foam for your centrepiece, you can create a lovely centrepiece effect by simply placing your branches inside a large glass vase or candy dish. Branches with colourful blooms work best for this look.

Add any desired decorative items to your branches. You can add tea lights placed inside delicate candleholders hanging from the branches. Or, you can add beads, moss or other decorative items. Consider making birds or flowers out of paper or fabric scraps and placing atop the branches. Hang ornaments or table numbers from the branches to help your guests find their seats.

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