How to build igloo out of plastic milk jugs

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Building an igloo out of milk jugs helps give young children an understanding about a variety of wintertime topics such as ice and snow or Inuit culture. The igloo creates a quiet place for preschool or kindergarten students to snuggle up with a book and read. The project is easy for adults to complete, but due to the risk of burning themselves, children should not be allowed to use hot glue guns.

Check that all the milk jugs are clean and free of any milk residue. Milk will spoil and turn an unsightly green colour. It will also emit a foul smell. Discard any jugs with signs of spoilage.

Arrange 25 jugs into a circle shape on the floor. If it helps, mark out the base of the igloo with masking tape before you begin arranging the plastic jugs. The bottoms of the jugs should point out. The tops (with the caps) will only be seen from inside the igloo. Remove four or five jugs to create the doorway. Apply hot glue to the side of each jug, one at a time, and glue them together.

Begin the second row by gluing milk jugs on top of the first row. Leave one inch of space toward the outside. Continue gluing milk jugs in this fashion to complete the second, third and fourth row. The igloo should begin to look like a dome.

Glue the fifth row of jugs to form a circle. This forms the base of the roof. As you glue jugs over the doorway opening, hold them in place as the glue hardens.

Continue to add rows, but remove one milk jug every time you begin a new row. Add rows until you have room left for just one milk jug. Glue the final jug in place to complete the igloo.

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