Directions for making a jelly bag

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Homemade jelly can be made using a few common household items. A jelly bag is made from cloth and is used during the process of making jelly. The fruit from the jelly recipe is placed in the bag, which allows the juices from the fruit to drip and drain. You can purchase a jelly bag or make one by using a suitable cloth and a few items that are often found around the home.

Choose a suitable cloth. The best type of cloth for jelly bags include doubled-up muslin, unbleached calico or clean sheet fabric. Cloth can be purchased at many craft and fabric shops and should be large enough to tie a knot in to properly hang the bag.

Dampen the cloth with water.

Cut a square out of the dampened cloth that measures 0.7 m (3/4 yard).

Tie the cloth to allow it to hang once the jelly is placed in it. The legs of an upturned stool work well. Tie the corners of the cloth to the legs. You may also tie the cloth to a rod. Leave enough room between the centre of the cloth and the floor or underlying surface to allow the cloth to dip down.

Strain jelly in your cloth by placing a basin or bucket underneath the cloth, pouring the fruit into the cloth and leaving the fruit to drip into the basin.

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