How to Use a Temperature Probe

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Get accurate internal temperature readings by using a temperature probe correctly. Temperature probes are capable of determining the temperature inside an item in just a few seconds. Inserting the temperature probe incorrectly, or in the wrong area, can result in inaccurate results. Monitor foods as they cook using the temperature probe to bring them up to the desired internal temperature without going over and drying them out. Properly employ a temperature probe thermometer to get consistent results from the foods you cook.

Open the cooking vessel or remove any covering so that you have direct access to the food item.

Insert the temperature probe of the thermometer 2 inches deep into the thickest part of the item without touching bone or the cooking vessel.

Wait for approximately five to 10 seconds for the internal temperature readout to stabilise before reading the results. Some probes are designed to be left in during the entire cooking process. Read the instruction manual for specifics on how to properly read your model of probe thermometer.

Pull out the temperature and wash its entire length in hot soapy water using a nonabrasive sponge.

Insert the temperature probe into the same hole for additional readings to prevent puncturing the food item multiple times and causing moisture loss.

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