How to build a toy house

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Children enjoy playing with toy houses. They can put dolls, action figures and furniture in the house. This toy, which stimulates imagination, is easy to build. You can make a toy house out of recycled material in a matter of minutes.

Take the lid off the shoebox. Lay the shoebox diagonally across the lid. The shoebox will be used to make the house and the lid will be the yard.

Cut a horizontal slit in the centre of the back of the box. The slit should be as long as the long edge of the cereal box front. Slide the cereal box back through the slit until it covers the top of the box. This makes a ceiling for the inside of the house and a foundation for the roof.

Bend the cereal box front to make a roof. Stand it up on the roof foundation. Glue it to the roof foundation to make the roof.

Wrap the box in coloured tissue paper. Tape the tissue paper to the box.

Draw windows and a door on the box, pushing hard enough with the pencil to tear through the tissue paper. Remove and discard the pieces of tissue paper that you tear.

Cut out the windows and discard the cardboard. Cut out three sides of the door. Leave the fourth side intact. You should be able to push the door open and closed when you are done.

Stand the paper towel roll on the lid next to the box to make a dustbin in the yard of your house. Glue it to the lid.

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