How do I Prevent Leather Sandal Dye From Staining Feet?

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During the summer or in hot climates, sandals are a must. You can find sandals and flip-flops in a variety of shades, designs even materials. Unfortunately, dyed leather can stain your feet. When your feet perspire--even slightly--the dye may start to rub off. This is because the leather was not washed properly before it was sent out into stores.

Soak a clean, white cloth into warm water. If you know your leather is waterproof or has been waterproofed, you can place the sandals directly under running water.

Soak the leather lightly using the cloth. You'll notice that the dye will start to come off onto the cloth. Continue to do this--it can take a while--alternating different white cloths once one has quite a bit of dye on it. Do this until no more dye bleeds onto the cloth.

Apply a drop of mild dish soap to one a new white cloth.

Soak the cloth under cold water. Wash the sandals using the cold, soapy cloth. Rinse of the cloth using cold water.

Rinse the soap off of the sandals using the rinsed cloth.

Set the sandals aside to air dry.

Apply a waterproof leather polish to the sandals if necessary when they've dried.

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