How to Clean Grout Off of Tile Once It Has Dried

Tile wall image by Pontus Edenberg from

Ceramic or porcelain tile is normally divided by grout lines that hold the tile in place. The tile is laid with small rubber points placed at the points of the tile pieces, which provide an even spacing between the tile. Grout is then placed in between the tile spaces, locking them in place after the grout hardens. The excess grout needs cleaned from the surface of the tile with clean rags while it is still moist. If the grout is not cleaned from the tile, it hardens and becomes difficult to remove.

Pour water onto the grout and begin to scrape it with the wooden piece. Add more water to the grout as you keep scraping. Remove the largest deposits of grout that you can with the wood piece.

Wipe the area with a clean rag, removing the large pieces of loosened grout.

Pour water on the leftover grout and over the nylon scouring pad.

Scrub the small pieces of grout left on the tile. Continue to pour water on the grout as you scrub.

Rinse the tile with water and dry with a soft clean cloth.

Continue to scrub with the nylon brush and water if grout is still noticeable. Wipe area dry when finished.

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