The Best Method to Cut Parquet Flooring

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Parquet flooring, like any other floor tile, may require cutting in order to completely cover a floor's surface. Cut correctly, the pieces will fit snugly into place, creating a smooth, even surface. Poorly cut parquet pieces, however, will ruin the effect of the floor, making the edges look jagged and unfinished.

To cut parquet flooring, all you need is a circular saw to create straight, even cuts where required, leaving you with partial tiles that precisely fit your needed measurements.

Adhere all of the full-sized tiles onto the floor until only partial tile spaces remain.

Place a full sized tile, bottom side up, over the last tile adhered to the floor that's adjacent to the empty partial space. Align the new unglued tile over the top of the glued tile so that the edges match precisely.

Take another full-sized tile and place it over the first two, edges aligned. Slide the new tile over the partial space until you reach the obstruction creating the need of a partial tile. Hold the tile firmly over the two tiles beneath it. Draw a line onto the second tile with a pencil while firmly pressing down the third tile to keep it steady. Use the edge of the third tile that extends over the second as a guide to draw the line. The section of the second tile not covered by the third tile will be the same size as the partial tile space.

Remove the two unglued tiles. Make a cut using a circular saw down the line drawn on the second tile. Return the partial tile to the empty tile space and place it into the space to verify its fit. Place the glue onto the tile using a steel trowel and then press it into position after a successful test fit. Remove any excess adhesive from the placed tile with a damp sponge.