How to Dispose of Wallpaper Paste

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Whether you are removing used wallpaper paste from a wall as you remove wallpaper or you have leftover wallpaper paste that you do not desire to save, the disposal methods are the same. Before you dispose of wallpaper paste, check with local authorities to ensure you dispose of it in accordance to any ordinances. Staying within local ordinances, you have several disposal options for your wallpaper paste.

Pour the moist wallpaper paste into the toilet, provided this disposal method is permissible by local ordinance and provided you do not have a private septic system you may damage with the wallpaper paste.

Fill the toilet with approximately 1 to 2 quarts of wallpaper paste and flush it to dispose of the wallpaper paste.

Continue filling the toilet with small amounts of wallpaper paste and flushing in between each amount to dispose of the entire bucket of wallpaper paste gradually.

Pour off as much liquid as possible from the bucket of wallpaper paste onto the ground outside. Choose a spot to pour the liquid that is out of common areas and sight.

Leave the bucket open for the wallpaper paste to dry out in the sun and air. Leave the bucket undisturbed until the wallpaper paste inside is completely dry.

Pour the dry wallpaper paste into a plastic garbage bag, seal the bag and dispose of the dry paste in the garbage.

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