How to Use Bleach to Kill a Tree Stump

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Bleach effectively kills weeds and undesired vegetation in gardens, including lingering tree stumps. Many tree species continue sprouting new growth from a stump, so you must remove or kill the stump to avoid having a new tree grow where the old one was removed. Removing a tree stump is a difficult job, but if you kill the stump with bleach and allow it to rot, the removal is easier.

Drill five to 10 deep holes in the top of the tree stump with a cordless drill. The number of holes needed depends on the size of the stump. Drill the holes randomly over the surface of the stump so that the bleach can access the living core of the stump.

Fill each hole with bleach. Allow the bleach to spill out of the hole onto the top of the tree stump, but avoid getting bleach on the surrounding vegetation.

Pour bleach on the tree stump, filling the holes, every day for a week, or until the stump begins to rot. When the stump is soft, dig the stump from the ground to remove it.

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