How to Replace a Windshield Washer Hose

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Windshield washer pumps send washer fluid through washer hose to the nozzles, which then spray the washer fluid onto the windshield so you can clean it with the wipers. As vehicles age, the rubber washer hoses begin to dry-rot and leak before eventually becoming useless. If you turn on your windshield washer and you hear the pump, but nothing sprays out of the nozzles, you may need to replace your washer lines. A quick visual inspection can confirm this suspicion.

Raise the hood and locate the washer hose. You can find the hose by following the lines as they leave the windshield washer bottle. Most hoses route back to the firewall and then up into the cowl or hood, depending on where your washer nozzles are located.

Grab the end of the hose firmly with your thumb and forefinger where it slides onto the nozzle and pull it off the nozzle opening. Trace the hose backward to where it joins with the washer line and remove it from the line in the same manner.

Hold the old line up to the replacement line in order to determine the proper length for the new line. Cut the new line at the same length with the scissors or knife. Make sure to leave a clean edge where you cut the line.

Slide the replacement hose over the washer line where you removed the old hose. Route it in the same manner as the old hose up to the washer nozzle and then slide the other end of the hose over the washer nozzle.

Repeat steps 2 through 4 with the other washer hose, if necessary.

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