How to Properly Straight Lace Your Doc Martens

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Dr. Martens were an invention of Dr. Klaus Martens and Dr. Herbert Funck. After injuring himself in a skiing accident, Klaus, designed a shoe to that was more comfortable for him to wear while he was healing. These shoes used an air-cushioned sole. He showed his invention to Dr. Herbert Funck, and the two began working on a shoe line sold locally in Germany. By 1959, the two decided they needed to form an official company and find a distributor for their shoes. The brand exploded in the 1960s becoming a symbol of the culture and the time. Still popular today, there are several ways to lace them including the straight lace method.

Insert the shoe lace into the top left eyelet. Perform this task while facing the shoe.

Bring the shoelace out of the eyelet directly below the top left one where you just inserted the lace. You are still working on the left side of the Dr. Marten shoe.

Insert the shoe lace into the second eyelet on the right side of the shoe. The top eyelet is left empty for the moment.

Pull the shoelace out of the fourth eyelet from the top on the right side. The top is empty, the second eyelet has a lace inserted, the third eyelet is empty and now the fourth eyelet has the lace inserted.

Insert the shoelace into the fourth eyelet on the left side of the shoe. You will now notice you have two bars across the second and fourth eyelets on your Dr. Martens.

Repeat these steps until you reach the last set of eyelets on your Dr. Martens. There are different styles, so the amount of eyelets will vary. However the pattern of inserting the shoelace, skipping over an eyelet on the same side of the shoe, pulling it through the eyelet, and then across to the other side, will continuously give you the bar look you desire.

Pull the shoelace across the bottom pair of eyelets. This move will be from left to right. You will notice that the eyelet just above the bottom of the shoe on the right side is empty. Insert the shoelace into this eyelet and pull it through.

Pull the shoelace to the left side of the shoe and insert it into the second eyelet. Pull the shoe lace through.

Continue to work up your Dr. Martens until your shoes are fully laced. You are still alternating eyelets in the same manner you did on the way down. However, the only major change is that you are now working up the shoe. When you reach the final eyelet, pull the lace through and you are finished.

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