How to Dress for a Thirtieth Birthday Party

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Although it's said that 30 is the new 20, if you're headed to a thirtieth birthday party (or it's your own), you want to make sure you're dressing the part to help celebrate a new decade of life. But if you've gone into your closet at some point feeling like you have nothing to wear, don't worry.

You can find the perfect outfit that will help you have a wonderful time at the party.

Consider the plans for the party. Understanding what's planned for the festivities will make it easy to pick out an outfit.

Choose an outfit that will fit the party plan. For instance, if the plan is to go out for dinner and then to a dance club, then you'll wear something different than if you were going for an outdoor picnic.

For a more formal engagement (like the dinner/club combo), a simple cocktail dress or skirt and sweater outfit would be appropriate for women. For guys, pressed khakis or nice jeans (no holes) paired with a button-down shirt is appropriate for a more formal event.

A more relaxed party environment allows for less-dressy outfits. If you're headed to a picnic or other informal event, a simple combination of jeans or khakis along with a nice polo shirt, button-down top or sweater is always appropriate.

If you're still unsure what to wear, ask others what they're planning to wear to the party. If a general consensus is to go with more formal attire, then following the crowd is a good idea. Likewise, if everyone's planning to dress down, it's a good idea to dress down as well.

If you've looked at the invitation and asked others what they're planning to wear and you're still not sure, ask the host. The host might be the actual birthday person or someone planning the event. Ask what the appropriate attire will be for the party and you're sure to get a definite answer that will end your party outfit woes.