How to Make a Bacon Press

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Prepare perfectly crispy bacon without curling by using a bacon press. These heavy weights sit on top of the bacon as it cooks in a skillet, keeping the bacon flat as it cooks, preventing the problem of trying to fit curled bacon strips between slices of bread for a sandwich. Most bacon presses are made of cast iron, but any heavy, heatproof material can be used, such as the heavy brick at the centre of this homemade bacon press. Preheating the bacon press shortens your cooking time as the heat from the bacon press cooks the top of the meat while the skillet heats the bottom, meaning you do not have to flip the cooking bacon.

Wrap a brick with three layers of aluminium foil.

Heat the brick in the oven at 204 degrees Cor 20 minutes before using it to make the bacon.

Lay the raw bacon in a skillet and set the hot bacon press on top of the bacon, transferring the press from the oven to the skillet with oven gloves.

Fry the bacon with the press on top until crispy and thoroughly cooked.

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