How to Reduce the Size of Photo Attachments in an Email

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Attaching a large photo to an e-mail can make it difficult for your e-mail server to send your message, as well as make it hard for the recipients to open the message. The slower the Internet connection, the harder it will be to handle a large photo attachment. While photo files taken straight from a digital camera are usually extremely large, in order to accommodate photo printers, it's easy to make the file smaller and therefore easier to e-mail.

Open Windows Explorer and navigate to the folder where your image is saved.

Right-click on the image file. Select "Resize Pictures."

Choose "Small" from the pop-up dialogue box, then click "OK." A second copy of your image will be saved, appended with "(Small)." For example, if your original image is "Kids.jpg" your new, smaller image will be saved as "Kids (Small).jpg".

Open your e-mail program and compose a new e-mail message.

Attach the new, smaller version of your image to your e-mail message.

Navigate to the folder on your computer where your image file is located. Right-click on the file and choose "Copy."

Right-click anywhere on your desktop. Choose "New > Compressed (zipped) Folder." Name the resulting ZIP file something memorable.

Right-click inside this new, empty folder window and choose "Paste."

Open your e-mail program and compose a new message.

Attach the ZIP file you created in Step 1.

Upload your original image file to an online photo resizing service.

Save the resulting smaller image file to your computer.

Launch your e-mail program and compose a new message. Attach the new file to the email.

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