How to Lift a Pool Table

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If you can hire a moving company to lift your pool table, you're in luck. Pool tables can weigh upwards of 454 Kilogram, so lifting or moving them can be a significant challenge, even for very strong people. If you're planning on inviting a few friends over to help you move one, make sure they are in good health (no bad backs or bad knees) and reward them kindly at the end of the job.

Get two or three people to stand next to each other on one side of the pool table. The lifters should bend their knees and lift that side up on an orchestrated count (e.g. 3-2-1, lift--and never by the pockets or rails). They will be able to lift only one side of the pool table at a time. If you have more help available, you can carefully lift both sides at the same time, provided there is someone else who can guide you as you move the pool table to its new location.

If you're placing the pool table on a dolly, make sure the dolly is cushioned and set the pool table on its side before you roll it to a new location. A moving dolly is really a viable option only for a room-to-room move, on one floor of a building. It won't work on stairs.

If you're attempting to walk a few steps with the pool table, move slowly and cautiously. Communicate with the other lifters so you move in unison.

Set the pool table down very lightly. Even small movements can jar the pool table and lead to damage or an uneven playing surface.

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