How to Build a porch on your mobile home

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To expand their exterior living space, owners of mobile homes, caravans and static caravans should consider building a porch. Mobile home porches, however, must be built a little differently than those constructed for site-built homes. The difference is in how the new deck is attached (or in this case not attached) to the home. A mobile home deck is built separately from the mobile home and is not anchored to it. Everything else about the construction and design remains the same.

Cut four decking joists to the size and width of your new deck. A recommended size is 1.8 m (6 feet) long and 1.8 m (6 feet) wide, but you may build the deck to suit your needs and your lot size.

Create the frame of the deck by setting the edges of the decking joists together in a square to form the frame of the deck floor. Use 10 cm (4 inch) galvanised deck screws and a power driver to secure them together.

Cut the decking boards to the width of the deck and lay them on the frame 6 mm (1/4 inch) apart (to allow for drainage). Screw the deck boards into the top edge of the deck frame with 10 cm (4 inch) galvanised screws and the power driver.

Place four solid concrete block footings where the four corners of the deck will be. Determine the height you want the deck to be. Measure the distance from the concrete footings to the height you want your deck to be. Typically, decks are installed at the same level as the bottom frame of the mobile home. If you want to make yours higher or lower, simply measure to the height you want your deck to be.

Cut four deck posts to the distance you found in Step 4, using a circular saw. Install the posts to the deck at the corners by screwing 10 cm (4 inch) galvanised screws through the outside of the deck joists and into the post beams with a power driver. Set the torque to the highest setting to draw the posts tightly to the deck siding.

Place the deck onto the concrete footings, and then slide shims under the post beams and on top of the footings to level the deck. Repeat this process as necessary if the deck settles.

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