How to Open a Soap Pump Dispenser

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Replacing your bar soap with a new soap pump dispenser is both economical and sanitary. You will avoid the mess of bar soaps melting away on the counter while family members can dispense the exact amount needed for washing their hands.

While a wall-mounted soap pump is simple to use, it may be confusing to open the first time you have to refill it. Find out the simple trick to opening your soap pump dispenser and you'll be able to refill your liquid soap in under a minute.

Look underneath your soap pump dispenser at the bottom. Search behind the hole where the soap comes out. You will see a rectangular tab or rocker switch, either in the same colour as your dispenser or a contrasting colour.

Push in the tab or switch with one hand and grasp the top of the dispenser with the other. Pull the top of the dispenser away from the wall. The dispenser cover will swing away from the wall on bottom hinges and hang down, revealing the inside of the dispenser.

Pull out the empty soap bag and box and discard it. Pay attention to how the bag was placed in the dispenser. Replace the empty bag and box with a full one, inserting the rubber hose and nipple in the same manner as the empty one was.

Swing the soap pump dispenser cover back up to the top. Push it firmly toward the wall until you hear the click that indicates it is snapped securely closed.