How to email or contact Skype by phone

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There could be a number of reasons to contact Skype by e-mail or telephone. If you suddenly notice a charge from Skype on your credit card when you haven't been using Skype, this can be one reason. Another reason might be if you're having problems installing Skype and none of the instructions or FAQs are helping you solve them. Fortunately, it is easy to contact Skype by e-mail or phone. Keep in mind the company is in Amsterdam, so any phone call you make will have international charges attached.

Check the time zone for the Netherlands to be sure you are calling during their business hours so you can talk to a real person. The Netherlands is on Central European Time. You can go to to find out the exact time in the Netherlands when you are ready to call.

Dial the number 011312033333. Remember that you will have to pay international charges for this call since it is overseas, unless you have a special plan with your cell phone company.

Wait for a customer service representative to come online. When one does, explain your problem or issue.

E-mail Skype at if you would rather do that than pay for an international call.

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