How to Get Tracfone to Work on Any Network

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Tracfones are great prepaid cell phones that anyone can use, whenever they want. There are no contracts, monthly bills or hidden fees. You can buy minutes when you want to use the cell phone. Tracfone is a very popular prepaid company, and many people are now trying to get their cell phone to work on any network. Unfortunately, this is quite a complicated process, as Tracfone specifically made their phones to stop this process of unlocking from happening. While it is possible, it is very difficult, and it is not recommended if you are afraid of breaking your cell phone. If you are courageous enough, go ahead and try to unlock your phone. If it works, you will get unlimited use on all of the wireless networks.

Add Tracfone minutes to your cell phone. This will prevent you from running out of minutes once you unlock your cell phone's SIM card.

Go to your cell phone's "Prepaid" menu, and scroll down until you see the "Unlock" option. Click that option.

You will need to enter a code to unlock your SIM card. This code is available online everywhere, but a few companies especially popular are, and There will be a fee to receive the code, but they are usually cheap, with the most expensive codes being only £2.

Enter in your unlock code, and continue on with the steps. This will involve resetting the phone, turning it on and off, and other basic cell phone operations.

At the end of the guide, your SIM card will now be unlocked. You will be able to use your Tracfone on any network, at anytime.

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