How to Block Channels on an LG TV

Channel blocking on your LG television allows you to prevent unauthorised viewing of certain channels. For instance, you can prevent your children from watching adult channels or pay movie channels. In order to watch those channels, you must enter a password that, ideally, only you know.

Setting up channel blocking is a simple process and the only thing you need in order to do it is your LG remote. This guide is based on the LG 42SL90, but the process should be similar for all LG TVs.

Turn on your TV and press "Menu" on your remote.

Scroll down the menu list to the padlock icon and press "Enter." This will take you into the parental controls menu.

Scroll down to "Set Password" and press "Enter." Enter your desired password on-screen. This is the code that will have to be entered to unblock a channel. Press "Enter" once you've entered the password.

Use the arrow keys on your remote to scroll down to the "Block Channel" heading. Select a channel you wish to block from the channel listing and press the green button on your remote. Repeat the process for every channel you wish to block. Press "Return" on your remote.

Scroll up to "Lock System." Turn the lock on and press "Return." Press "Menu" to exit out of the settings menu, and you channels will be blocked.