How to Apply for a Grant for the Disabled

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Grants for the disabled are plentiful and easy to find. The government has a few websites listing current grants available, and private organisations offer financial assistance through special grant programs that you can find online. Be specific when searching, however.

If you narrow down your search you increase the chances of qualifying for a grant. Some hospitals offer counselling on grants available for people with disabilities.

Search for grants for people with disabilities. Government grants for the disabled are listed in the official website. You'll find all grants available, eligibility requirements, application deadlines and contact information. Private parties offer grants to people with disabilities based upon need and eligibility.

Ask at your hospital's counselling department about grants related to your or your loved one's disability. Many times hospitals have a resource book that lists organisations offering grants. The hospital may also help with the grant application process and the required documentation. Write all the information you gather in a notebook that will serve you as a reference when it's time to submit a grant application.

Choose the grants that match your condition closely and double-check all eligibility requirements before applying.

Gather documentation and submit the grant application electronically or by mail, depending on the grant specifications. Note the approval time for each grant so you'll have an idea of when to expect a response. Many grants have an approval time of two to three months, but others may take up to six months.