How to Find a Mobile Number Owner

Trying to find the owner of a mobile number can be daunting. There are a few ways to search for the mobile number's owner online. The simplest way to find the owner of a mobile number is by just dialling the number and asking the person on the other end of the line, "Who owns this phone number?" Besides the obvious, there are a few steps to take to determine the account holder of a mobile number.

Use the Internet search engine of your choice, such as Google or Yahoo, and input the 10 digit mobile number in question. Key the entire mobile number into the search engine, entering the area code followed by the other seven digits. Most likely, the information you will receive from this search will geographically locate the phone number only and not identify the phone's owner.

Look up the mobile number on reverse lookup Internet sites. Reverse search sites give you a variety of options. Here you can use any other information you may have regarding the mobile number's owner, such as city, state, county and postcode.

Log onto a paid phone directory online if you are still unable to locate the owner of the mobile phone number. Certain sites have access to mobile phone numbers that are not listed elsewhere. However, use caution as some cell phone owners have made their listings private; therefore you will not be able to access their information, whether paid for or not.

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