How to Delete Pages in Microsoft Word 2007

Blank pages often appear on Microsoft Word 2007 documents, particularly at the end of the document. You can delete these empty pages with ease. This is helpful if you want to clean your document up or prepare it for printing or other publishing. Additionally, you can delete a page with text or other content.

Open your Word 2007 document and click "View" on the Microsoft Office toolbar.

Change the layout to "Draft" (the default is "Print View").

Scroll to the page break at the bottom of the page that you want to delete. Click the break with your mouse and press "Delete" on your keyboard. Click "View" and select "Print View" to return to the default viewing mode.

Scroll to the page you want to delete. Click your mouse on the page to bring up the cursor.

Click on the tab marked "Home" and click "Go To" under "Find." Type "\page" into the box.

Click "Go To." This highlights the text on the page. Click "Close," then press Delete" to remove the page.

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