How to Remove the Engine From a Ford Focus

Removing the engine in a Ford Focus is a time-consuming process that requires the right knowledge and tools. The engine in a Ford Focus is a standard four cylinder engine. Depending on how you drive your Ford Focus will determine how soon the engine will burn out on you. No matter if the engine seizes up on you or you want to upgrade to a bigger engine, the engine in the Ford Focus will have to be removed.

Park the Ford Focus to allow for room to get the engine hoist in front of the engine. Use a wrench to remove the bolts from the hinges on the inside of the bonnet and remove the bonnet. Remove the negative cable off the battery.

Drain the radiator fluid into a bucket and remove the hoses connecting the radiator to the engine using a screwdriver. Cut the hoses if they won't come off. Remove the fan, tension pulley and alternator. Remove the securing bolt from all of these components using a ratchet set. Remove the fuel lines and the intake air supply.

Loosen the power steering pump using the ratchet set. Remove the air conditioning compressor and the power steering pump. Loosen the electrical wires from the motor and remove them. Remove the exhaust manifold using the ratchet set and a wrench to take the bolts from where the engine is connected to the transmission.

Lift the car with a jack and put jack stands at the support rails to keep the car from falling on you. Slide under the Ford Focus and remove the starter and exhaust pipe connectors using the ratchet set to remove the bolts that are connecting them to the engine. Remove the transmission connections at the cross-member using the pliers to hold the nut and the ratchet set to unscrew the bolt.

Remove the bolts from the motor mounts connecting the engine to the frame using the ratchet set. Remove the jack stands and let the car down. Secure a heavy chain to the engine hoist and then to both sides of the motor with a bolt. Pull the motor out of the car carefully. Make sure not to scratch the Ford Focus as you bring the engine away from the car.

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