How to Mount a Fire Extinguisher to a Vehicle

Mounting a fire extinguisher in your car or truck may seem like a waste of time, but if you have a small electrical fire start, an extinguisher will help you to keep it small or put it out before major damage is done to the vehicle. Performance and off-road enthusiasts have been mounting fire extinguishers in their vehicles for many years. You can buy a small 2.5 pound or 5 pound extinguisher at any home centre or major department store.

Select a location within your vehicle for the fire extinguisher. Some good locations include the boot of a car, the cargo area of an SUV or even a spot under the dash if you have room. Be sure to check the area to make sure there are no wires or other components behind it that could be damaged by drilling.

Place the extinguisher in its bracket, which usually comes with the extinguisher, and hold it into position where you intend to mount it. Mark the location of the mounting holes in the bracket onto the mounting location with a pencil.

Drill out the mounting holes in the car with a power drill and drill bit.

Remove the extinguisher from the mounting bracket and mount the bracket into the location you selected. Use screws, bolts or self tapping screws to attach the bracket. The hardware required will vary by location and the material into which you are mounting the bracket.

Place the vehicle fire extinguisher in the bracket and check to see that it is secure.

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