How to convert a rooftop antenna to digital reception

Digital television has replaced analogue, but many households are still working out the best way to receive over-the-air broadcasts. For homes that already have a rooftop antenna in place, that same antenna can usually be used for digital reception with just a few adjustments.

This works for televisions with built-in HD tuners as well as for older analogue sets that require a converter box to receive digital signals.

Install a twin-lead adaptor if needed. Check whether the end of the antenna cable has two flat u-shaped connectors. Place the u-shaped connectors under the screws on the adaptor side-by-side and then tighten the screws for a snug fit. If your antenna already has a round coaxial connector at the end of the cable, you can skip this step.

Locate the antenna "in" coaxial port on the back of your HDTV or on your digital-to-analogue converter box. Plug the antenna cable into this port. You may need to screw it into place in a clockwise direction.

Turn on the television and the converter box (if needed) and scan for available channels.