How to Sterilize Earrings

Depending on the material, you can use several solutions to sterilise earrings and other body jewellery. Many people consider ionic jewellery cleaners an excellent way to clean jewellery, but they do not sterilise or disinfect. Boiling water and bleach solutions can be used to clean and sterilise. Rubbing alcohol can be used to wipe down the posts of earrings, but it can sometimes cause certain gemstones to look cloudy. Vinegar is an amazing and natural cleaner that has antibacterial properties and is safe to use earrings and other jewellery of any material..

Pour white distilled vinegar into the glass dish. You only need enough vinegar to completely submerge the earrings or other jewellery.

Place earrings or other jewellery into the vinegar.

Allow to soak in the vinegar for about five to ten minutes.

Remove earrings and rinse thoroughly.

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