How to Get Bleach Off Silver Rings

George Doyle/Stockbyte/Getty Images

Bleach is an oxidising agent that blackens silver when it comes into contact with the metal. While this may look like disaster, some artists actually deliberately bleach silver wrought-wire jewellery to highlight the intricate twists of the structure. However, if you are not in the mood for deliberate tarnish, then you may opt to get bleach off of silver rings using some serious elbow grease and supplies you can find in your own bathroom.

Wipe the rings with a dry cloth. This will remove make-up and loose dirt and grime from the surface. Use firm pressure and be sure to do the inside and outside.

Scrub the rings with toothpaste. Use the toothbrush, and keep the paste off of any gemstones, which may scratch.

Rinse the ring with lukewarm water. This will enable you to check your progress--the black tarnish should be fading--and help with scrubbing. Continue to scrub with the toothbrush as you rinse the ring. You may need to repeat the toothpaste-and-water scrubbing multiple times to remove the bleach stains completely.

Polish the ring. Use a soft cloth to apply silver polish. Use firm pressure and gentle, circular motions to brighten and buff the ring.

Buff off any cleaning residue. Use a clean cloth and a little bit of warm water to remove traces of toothpaste and silver polish. Once they are dried, your silver rings should be bright and shining as new.

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