How to Put eBooks on the Amazon Kindle

The Amazon Kindle has brought a lot of attention to the electronic book market. With wireless access to the Amazon book store, browsing and buying new releases has never been easier. Amazon has also made the Kindle's management software available for downloading, which will allow people to read Kindle books on a desktop or laptop computer as well. By connecting the Kindle to the computer, you can easily move books from your computer to the Kindle.

Download the eBook to your computer from the Kindle store or any other resource that has content compatible with the Kindle. Connect the Kindle to computer with the USB cable supplied with the device.

Double-click the "My Computer" icon to open it. Locate the Kindle in the list of available drives. Double-click the Kindle drive to open it, and then open the Kindle's Documents folder.

Right-click on the book or document you wish to move to the Kindle and choose "Copy." Right-click in the Kindle's document's folder and choose "Paste." Disconnect the Kindle to restart the interface and then locate your transferred book or document.

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