How to build raffle boxes

When you hold your own raffle, you will need something for people to place their tickets in, and something to mix the tickets up to make things fair. You can use some basic materials to make raffle boxes large enough to hold all your tickets, but mobile enough to allow two people to safely lift them and mix up the tickets. There are also a couple of homemade measures you can take to prevent people from tampering with your raffle boxes before the big drawing.

Find a plastic tote with a locking lid that you feel will be large enough to hold double the amount of raffle tickets you will sell. You need it twice as large to allow room for the tickets to move when you shake the raffle box to mix up the tickets.

Use a utility knife to cut a slot in the lid just large enough to allow people to slide their raffle tickets inside. Be sure you do not make the slot so large that people can fit their hands through it.

Outline the opening with light-coloured duct tape so people can clearly see where their lottery tickets are supposed to be placed.

Write the words "raffle tickets" in large letters with a silver marker on all four sides of the tote so people will know what the tote is for.

Secure the lid on the tote by locking it into place, then put one piece of duct tape on each side of the lid to help reinforce the snap lock on the lid.

Have two people lift and shake the raffle box when the deadline has passed and it is time to choose the winner. The locking lid and the duct tape together should be enough to make sure the lid stays in place as the box is shaken.

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