How to delete blank space in word document

A properly formatted and designed document draws readers to your page. Blank spaces, however, can take up unneeded space, making a document look unformatted. A blank space may appear in your paragraph, table, within your text, or at the end of your page. You can remove blank spaces in Word by doing so manually or by letting the program do it for you. Microsoft Word comes with a find-and-replace tool that eliminates spaces from your document.

Navigate to Word and open the document you're editing.

Select the lines or paragraphs with any extra spacing you don't want. Click "Format" and "Paragraph."

Go to the "Spacing" section and change "Before" and "After" to zero. Change "Line spacing" to "Single" and click "OK."

Delete blank spaces from your entire document by going to "Edit" and "Replace" in the toolbar (shortcut: Ctrl+H).

Click "More" to expand the "Find and Replace" dialogue box.

Place your cursor in the "Find what" text box and click "Special." Choose "White Space" from the list. The "^w" character will be displayed. To remove two or more blank spaces from your Word document, add the "^w" character twice in the "Find what" text box instead.

Leave the "Replace with" text box empty unless you want to add something else. Press "Replace All" to find all blank spaces within your document and replace them.

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