How to Tune a Sky Remote to a Television

If you live in the UK or Ireland and have TV services through British Sky Broadcasting's SkyTV, you're using either a Sky, Sky+ or Sky+HD Digibox satellite receiver and remote control. Since 1998, Sky has released many versions of the remote to keep up with receiver and television technology changes. As a result, programming a remote to tune to a television depends on whether the version of the remote control has programming for the TV brand type. If your version has this programming, you can easily tune your Sky remote control to your television with a three- or four- digit TV remote control code.

Turn on your TV.

Remove the battery cover from the back or back/bottom of your Sky remote control.

Get your TV remote control code. Look for your remote control version number on a sticker on the cover or inside the battery compartment. The number (for example, 4, 6 or 8) appears after the words "Sky rev" "Sky + rev" or "Sky HD rev". If you can't find a sticker but received your remote after 2002 (versions 4 and higher) or have a Sky+ or Sky+HD model, look for your version number by year on the chart offered in Sky's Help Centre.

To lookup your TV remote control code for versions 4 and higher, use the Remote Control Lookup Tool by clicking on "Find your remote control code now" on Sky's webpage (see Resources). Select your remote version and the make/model of your TV from the drop-down menus and then click the "GET MY CODE" button. The code should then appear in the same window at the bottom in blue.

To find your TV remote control code for versions before 4 or if you can't find a sticker, look for codes that may work with your remote and TV through SkyUser's Sky Remote TV Code Checker (see Resources).

Point your Sky remote control at your TV and then push the "TV" button on the top of the remote to select the TV for tuning the remote.

Push the red and "Select" buttons at the same time and wait for the red light (red LED) at the top of the remote to flash two times.

Input your three or four digit code. For a three-digit code, enter the code. If the red LED flashes twice, turn the volume up/down or the TV OFF. If it works, press "Select" to save the code. For a four-digit code, push the "TV" button, enter the code, wait for the red LED to flash twice and then try to turn OFF your TV using your Sky remote. If it works, press "Select." If the light doesn't flash twice, try the code a second time. If retrying the code doesn't work, try searching for the code by pressing back-and-forth between the "TV" button and the power button repeatedly until the TV turns off. Press "Select" once the TV turns off. If it doesn't turn off and/or the red LED blinks three times, contact Sky.

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